American Parents and Their Responsibility

First this week we had a 13 year old girl arrested for writing there was a bomb in the middle school and now again as all this week we have the State Police (great job guys!) at the High School because of rumors of a shooting. Our society has become one where evil begets more evil and I for one have had enough of this crap!

First of all simply reproducing does not make you a parent. That is the easy part! Parenting is a full time job and one that comes with no lesson plans, no real degrees or licences are required. What is required is your time, your energy and your moral compass. Most of us know what is right from what is wrong and we need to educate the children in this also. TV, movies etc these days do not show behaviors we would deem as socially acceptable. Bad behavior is often rewarded in the mass media that we gladly watch and talk about. "Did you see what so and so are up to?"

things that should be kept private and taught by parents are spread over the airwaves like its a delicious treat we absolutely need to have a piece of. There are private matters and public matters and the lines have been erased and people we would never have allowed into our house are now weekly visitors and often are seen more than once behaving in ways we would never have been allowed to by out parents and grand parents. Children respond to the bright flashy things they see on TV and the beautiful faces that are only truly skin deep. Some want to be that "pretty" or have the things they see the often fake, self important play actors have. Lets face it they really aren't good actors are they?

We cannot just let them sit in front of a TV, game system, computer handheld device or any other technological gadget that we crave for and let that entertain the children by them selves. You as a parent have the obligation and responsibility (yes OBLIGATION AND RESPONSIBILITY!) to monitor your childs activities and what they consume mentally as well as physically. Children will pick up on your lead and learn to be responsible and good people when they are raised the same and when that message is fully understood. It takes your TIME and EFFORT to raise a child.

Yes we are tired after a days toil but you have something greater than yourself at home that NEEDS your attention. It requires SACRIFICE to guide the young mind and psyche. Yes you may miss the sporting match on TV or a program you want to watch but your child is more important and the memories of that time will last in your and their memory. Just like most of us would not say "Gee if only I had spent more time at work" You will think "Gee I had a great time being with my child".

Children can be aggravating but they are learning. They may not always listen but they always observe. You and only you can be the example for your child. So instead of watching your show, play with your child. You can play X-Box or PS3 with your kids, you can watch a movie with them and make sure its something that is appropriate for their age and maturity level and that is not a bad thing, its a moral call. Some kids mature quicker than others but some don't and that is not bad, its just the nature of the child.

If more of us of the ME generation would spend more time with the newest batch of humans to inhabit our ever shrinking world and fulfill our obligation to them, we would have far less crime and horror in our world. Sometimes as a parent it's OK to say "No" to a video game even if all their friends have it. It may not be popular, but being right isn't always popular. Love your children, fulfill your Obligation to them, Visit them at play and at their toil and Engage them. Its pretty simple (LOVE) your children and they will be great people we can be proud of.
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