Connecticut School Shooting Effect on American Kids

After the senseless slaughter of 20 innocent children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, a friend in South Florida was discussing the event and its aftermath with her 10-year old daughter.

The mother told her daughter that she felt this was the most tragic event that had happened in her lifetime of nearly four decades, mainly because it abruptly ended the lives of 6- and 7-years old children who were just beginning to explore their world and embark on their life journey.

This mother did not explain the graphic details of the tragedy, but she was candid and plainspoken, telling her daughter that there are unstable people in our world who are capable of doing horrendous things to others and we must all be aware and diligent as we go through our daily routines. The mother told her daughter that one little girl at Sandy Hook survived by pretending to be dead, and that her quick thinking and action saved her life.

The daughter then asked her mother if it would be okay if she wrote a letter to President Obama to tell him her feelings and thoughts. The mother said that was an excellent idea, and suggested her daughter go to school the next day and ask her social studies teacher if all the children in class could write letters to the President telling him how the Sandy Hook tragedy made them feel and sharing their ideas on how we can prevent this type of event in the future and make our world and children safer. The mother hoped this idea might spread to other classrooms in her daughter’s school and to other schools, creating a groundswell that swept the state, the country and the world. She said if the adults cannot find a solution to this problem, perhaps our children could.
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