Need Of Alternative Media In United States

RT News is a breath of fresh air. I only wish more people could see the glaring discrepancies between mainstream media & RT! My reporter of the year? Well, that's easy! Now I know many will think I'm letting my eyes & not my brain do the thinking but it's just got to be RT's ABBY MARTIN.

Look I'll admit it - she's not just hot - she's dynamite & nitro rolled into one! Nevertheless she deserves to be No 1. It's one thing to ooze style &  class but to be so brave as to lambaste Netanyahu for coming out with his usual bilge about anti-semitism, I mean she laid into him. I nearly fell out of my seat. I thought I hit below the belt! Well this lady made me look like a lightweight. If she was in the Wild West she go into the saloon with all guns blazing! I never fell in love so quick!

Well today in her no-holds-barred BREAKING NEWS slot she tore into the mainstream media for the garbage they are - not just for telling a pack of lies but also for with-holding so much of the truth!

She outlined the top 5 topics where the MSM have shown scant regard for reporting news! In reverse order 5 - GAZA. 4 - AFGHANISTAN. 3 - DRONES. 2 - BRADLEY MANNING. 1 - The NDAA. Concise, coherent, sound judgement - it was positively brilliant. Anyone that has not watched RT before would have that what the hell's going on here? THIS IS REAL NEWS! And delivered in gatling-gun fashion - all out attack! Well done RT & way to go ABBY!
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