Why America Is Losing Its Image In World's Eyes?

Until few years back United States of America was one of the most liked country around the world including in Muslim Countries but in last few decades specially last one decade America has lost its image very quickly  and now a large population of different countries not likes America at all.

In Muslim countries too much people have started to hate America. so whats the reason for this change? why people not likes America anymore? Following are the some reasons for this.

1 United States is invading one country after another. it is doing continues wars. Recent wars of Afghanistan, Iraq have also badly damaged America's image.

2 although some people supports Afghanistan war but war of Iraq which was started on a lie that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction has created hatred against US policies. one million people lost their lives in result of this war.

3 Drone attacks are another cause. 95% people who dies in drone attacks are innocent in which women and babies are included.

4 Presence of US Military bases around the world is another reason. US has more than 1400 Military bases around the world. even Osama Bin Laden turned against America due to presence of American bases in Muslim Holy Land Saudi Arabia.

5 Palestine Israel conflict is another reason. When world see so many Palestinians getting killed by Israel and US taking side of Israel instead of stopping it then it also effects America's image.

6 Incidents of bad treatment with Muslims living within America is another cause. Muslims are discriminated in various fields of life.

7 US Economy is also falling and not as powerful as it was before. this is another reason. people see China as a raising power instead of US.

these are main causes according to me due to which US is losing its image in eyes of world.
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