Who Was Adam Lanza?

Adam Lanza is the 20 years old boy who attacked Connecticut school and killed 27 people including 20 little kids of that school. Adam Lanza was also killed by police later on in firing.

Before attacking the school Lanza first killed his mother at home and later on went to Connecticut school for the massive attack that taken so many innocent lives.

After the attack lot of people are trying to know who was Adam Lanza and why he done that attack? According to investigation that is done till now he was son of a teacher of same Connecticut school.

it is also found that Gun was given to him by his mother. His mother gave him the gun by thinking that it will teach him to be more responsible in life.  it is also found that Lanza was also having 5 more guns at his home.

He liked to play fighting games like Call Of Duty regularly. Police says he done this attack because he was having some mental problem. Police is done more investigation from his brother Ryan Lanza.
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